Pukinskis Set


The first steps of our design process came from our two research types. The first research involved a survey that was given to a variety of subjects in order to have a better idea of what they thought of YouTube and understand how they interact with the website. The next research was going to similar websites and exploring different features they have available and how effectively those features were used. This research led us to three predispositions. First is P1. P1 was derived from our survey and this is where we realized that most users don’t use the community features. Next, is P2. P2 was also derived from the survey and shows that most videos people watch are ones they’ve seen before. Last is P3. P3 was derived from the survey as well as our initial research of other websites. It shows that many people would be interested in a video shuffler feature. From these predispositions we formed several insights. Two of these are I1 and I4. These two insights show that users do not use the community features and it may be more useful to not require a username to access the shuffle feature. Finally our insights led us to a concept of the video shuffler. Although the video shuffler was a preliminary idea it is backed by all of the prior research, predispositions, and insights. The video shuffler concept also pointed to another concept. This concept was a method for searching videos and customizing a user’s video search choices. Overall, the map I made was simply a collection of random components I pulled from our principles of components list and grouped them according to how they relate to one another.


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