Pukinskis Set

I started my pukinskis set by coming two predispositions, the first one is the fact community features are not used that often (P1), the second was that when I go onto YouTube, I tend to watch the same videos over and over again (P2).  Therefore, when our group created our questionare we created some questions that address these issues (R1), after analyzing the data our groups came up with several differnet insights.  The first one dealing with why users do not use the community features, which we think is becuase most users do not have time to use the community features (I1).  While the other insight was to have a video shuffler for the YouTube stite, so that users will be able to watch different videos, resulting in the users spending more time at the YouTube site.  After coming up with these two insights our group went ahead and created concepts to them.  The first one is the idea of redesigning the community page and button on the YouTube site so that more users can see it and understand it better (C2).  The second idea we have was to create a the Video Shuffler feature for YouTube (C1).  pukinskis-set


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