Pukinskis Set


I started to work with our group first questionnaire (R1), this research lead me to several predispositions:

P1: Most users don’t sign in their Youtube account when they first start on the site, they usually would watch a video on home page/type something in search bar, and so they would watch they videos they have found.

P2: Many people don’t use Youtube Community Features.

After predispositions are made, those insights came up:

I1: Users don’t sign in unless they want to upload something, or watch something that is inappropriate for people under 18 years old. They just want to find a quick entertainment.

I2: Came up with a new a feature that would increase an interest in use of Community Feature and would encourage people to access their accounts.

Based on these predispositions and insights, the first good concept that came to my mind was “Video Shuffler” idea (C1), the shuffler would allow watching a random video upon one click at a time. The second great concept would be is “Deleting Worthless/Uninteresting Videos” (C2) based on users’ ratings and views. These two concepts I believe would increase Youtube’s popularity and would improve the user engagement experience.


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