Design Sketches


The reason I have the mini video shuffler on the user profile page is becuase in order for the video shuffler to work the user will need to have an account and be signed onto YouTube, in order for it to know what kind of videos the user likes or dislikes therefore knowing which vidoes to play.  One way for the video shuffler to become more efficient would be to understand the user’s perferances better, and to do that YouTube will need to keep track of the type of videos the user usually likes to watch.

video-shuffler-feature1This would be the page that the user is brought to after clicking on the mini preview on their account page.  The user will be allowed to say whether or not they liked the video and YouTube will store this information thus knowing what type of videos to show the user in the future.  Based on the the users viewing habits the video shuffler will pick videos that are similar to the ones the user likes.


One Response to “Design Sketches”

  1. volsinfo Says:

    I really like the simplistic icons you use. Heart and crossed circle pretty hard to misinterpret their purpose.

    I also like the layout and the idea of an entirely new page dedicated to the shuffler.

    The only thing I would worry about is if it turns into the features like blogs, etc that never get used which might have to do with having to navigate away from the main page and having to log in to use them.

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