Design Sketches

The first sketch is an idea of what the homepage of youtube could look like. The search bar is the main feature of this web site so I placed that in the middle of the page where it is easiest to find and use. It has a similiar look to the Google homepage. I also put the “Search” button, “Shuffle” button, and “Upload” button just below the search bar so they are also easy to find and use. Below the seach area is the Featured videos section. This is the same as on the normal Youtube page. However, I left out the “Promoted videos” and the “Videos being watched now” because these options don’t seem to take first priority. People are not focuse on these options right off the bat.


The next image is a layout for the video shuffler page. The page is not very cluttered and focuses completely on the video which is placed in the middle of the page. Below the video you have three options. You can click “Next”, “Previous”, or “Bookmark” the video which would save the video and act as a rating system. Below these options the user can choose a genre. There are several options for them to choose. There is a check box next to each option which they can click to choose it. One good feature is that multiple options can be selected in order to specify the search as much as possible.



One Response to “Design Sketches”

  1. hoslin Says:

    I like the way you completely redesigned the homepage for YouTube, by taking out things you think were unnecessary. Therefore, making the main page less cluttered and more user friendly. Your design of the video shuffler was so great because again you went with simplicity with nothing, but the video shuffler on the page. You also allow the user to watch a specific genre of random videos. One problem I see with the design of your random video shuffler is the fact that you don’t address the fact that the user will have to sign in, in order to use some of the features of your random video shuffler like the bookmark feature. And if the user did have to sign in I think that should be a another button that should be added to the main page.

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