Youtube Shuffler


So one of the issues our group discussed was that the user would have to sign into their account in order to save preferences for their shuffler, similar to the pandora music project.  Just from discussing personal experiences with youtube alot of users don’t sign into their accounts unless they are uploading a video or want to view mature content.

With this in mind I was thinking we could design a feature that allowed the user to select from a list of preference, perhaps even more in-depth than the simple ones exampled in the above picture.  Then with a quick click of a button the site would take those preferences into account and use it to weed through videos that match those preferences, providing a more generalized but somewhat specific search, while also utilizing the randomness of a shuffler.

For my example I actually plopped the shuffler over the promoted videos.  As I tried to demonstrate with the arrow, this would be a similar feature to related videos and “More from : User”.  It would be easily seen at the side of the screen and also give the user the ability to hide it when they are not interested in using the feature.

I also think it would intergrate well into the present youtube design since that is what I based it off of.


One Response to “Youtube Shuffler”

  1. Dave Says:

    I really like this design. Just from what you did, the page seems much less cluttered. I hate seeing a list of 347823×10^56 videos that I don’t care about next to what I’m watching. I would, however, use that drop down hiding system to keep the related videos list, videos by this user, and the shuffler. That way user’s who prefer those lists don’t get frustrated that they’re gone.

    Also, I’d say the list of categories can be customized, just to give a more personal feel to the shuffler. And of course, add in the thumbs up/down, like/dislike system we were talking about to let the system learn about it’s user.

    But yeah, pretty solid design.

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