Design Proposal

Home Page Design (

This image shows my proposal for the design of the initial home page, It will be almost the exact same, but a “New Features” column will be added to the right side of the page where video advertisements are currently. The ads would just move down below this “New Features” section. The Video Shuffler/Mixer/Jumbler would be described and a link to sign up would be in the description.

Shuffler Button

The image above shows the top header bar that will be on every page of YouTube that isn’t the Shuffler page or the homepage (not having signed in). The “Shuffler” button will be yellow, similar to the “Upload” button on the other side of the bar.

Video Shuffler (

This third sketch I drew is of the shuffler page. It will be specific to the shuffler and won’t have many options on it besides the same top header bar on every YouTube page and the bottom gray box with account, help and other YouTube options.

The page will not look much different than the normal page for viewing videos. The title “Video Shuffler” (for lack of a better descriptive/exciting word) will be at the top of the window. At first, when going to the page, the video box will have a black background and the white text “Sign Up for a YouTube account or Log In to begin using the Video Shuffler”. Then below that in smaller text, the description “The Video Shuffler randomizes videos based on your genre preference. You can approve (thumbs up) or disapprove (thumbs down) each video as you watch.” Below the time progress bar, there will be check boxes for the different genres of videos. In the top right of the video box, you can mouse over “Rate Video” and a green thumbs up and red thumbs down box will appear below the “Rate Video” text. The user then can select their choice. This page will be “”.


One Response to “Design Proposal”

  1. jgw3 Says:

    Looks pretty good, having all the categories at the bottom is a good idea bunching them together should draw attention to them as long as the user doesnt have to scroll down to see them they should get the idea that those are the types of videos they will see. Not sure i see the reason for putting the rate video inside the video window though. It could really even stay on the same spot as before. I did like your proposal for the unregistered user to see an information screen first. I think however that the uploader’s information should come up with each video as people may want to read the information about the video or click their username to find other things they have done.

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