Design Proposal

Using the StumbleUpon designs as a guide, I went the route of a toolbar, rather than an embedded feature on the website. A toolbar would be much more noticeable, and can be used without even being at YouTube to begin shuffling.


The toolbar can be embedded on the website at the top on evey page (with a preference to hide it of course), with a different color to stand out and get the user’s attention. It will have the thumbs up and down system (similar to Pandora) to learn what the user likes and dislikes, assuming the user has a YouTube account. If not, the shuffler will still function, but will not learn what the user’s tastes are.  The 5-star rating system will also appear on the toolbar, letting user’s quickly rate the video, and continue on to another. It will also have a customizable drop down list to specify what types of videos to shuffle through, based on video’s tags. Registered YouTube users can also download the toolbar as an addon for their web browser, letting them shuffle whenever they want, without currently viewing

design300bThe videos viewed while shuffling will be on a different page than the standard YouTube video page. This will keep distractions low, and focus the user’s attention solely on the video they were given. The toolbar will still show (assuming they’re using the web-based toolbar) so they can continue shuffling.  The standard video imformation will still be at the right side, as well as comments at the bottom under the video, so user’s won’t need to relearn an entire website. Below the video, there will be sharing options, such as giving a link to a video to post on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networks.

The main point of this design is to keep the website familiar, keeping the same general format, but adding a new shuffler section to reduce distractions, and keep user’s on YouTube longer. The system will remember what videos he/she liked, and learn to give more relevant videos based on their unique interests.


One Response to “Design Proposal”

  1. rakhimza Says:

    Keeping the same general format is definitely good thing, unlike Facebook who always gets its users confused. Using/Hiding Toolbar and like/not like are all functions I consider to be pretty much useful. Getting Shuffler Toolbar in different color and showing videos(while shuffling) on different page is indeed gets users’ focus on new feature “Shuffler”. One thing I did not find was the “Taking in advance-Preference of genre”. Overall-good impression.

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