You Tube- Social Features

Once we received the information from our survey much of the data we had returned was very suggestive to many things. One of these in particular was the lack of user social interaction on the website. Some of the most suprising results came from question 8 in which 100% of people said they didn’t take part in the community features at all. Also, question 4 which asked users what kind of interaction they did with the site. For instance do users upload, comment, rate, subscribe to channels, and use forums? Only 19 of 45 people even answered this question and of those 19 very few did any of each. Comments had the most use but that only accounted for 11 of those 19 people.

So with this information we can deduce a few things. It helps us think why people aren’t using these features. Are the features difficult to use? Difficult to access? Is there simply no interest? Do they benefit the user in any way? Are they fun? and other such questions. Using some other methods of either interviewing or monitoring users we may  people able to further understand why people don’t use these features hardly at all. If we are able to find answers to these question we would be able to brainstorm solutions to the problem and finally implement them to the site. This is one area that we will most definitely focus on. Although we are very pleased with the results of the video shuffler data we are still interested in the social features. Perhaps we will find a way to integrate social features into or videos shuffler.


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