Video Shuffler Feature – Importance

Initially, after having browsed around, we thought YouTube could use some sort of variation of a video shuffler/randomizer. From our survey, our group determined this would be something users would like to see on the site. A main reason that I think the video shuffler is what we should focus on most is the lack of community/blogging involvement by our sample users. Our users’ reason for visiting YouTube is to watch videos and by their responses that they watch the same videos each time they are on the site, video shuffling could potentially bring more users to the site. If more users come to the site, maybe the community features’ usage will increase.

Because of users’ interest in a shuffler, this can help us enhance the quality of our research and reasoning behind adding such a feature. We can do this by releasing another survey or holding an interview or focus group, delving deeper into the specifics of the concept. From this, we can also improve any prototypes we might develop.


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