User Engagement Lab

After taking a trip to the User Engagement Lab in the informatics building last week I noticed it could be very useful in helping us study user experience on YouTube.  We would set up experiments in which we would make the user use YouTube and study where their eyes tend to focus on when using YouTube.  We could also track where the most clicks were made on the website also.

Tracking the users eyes during their use of YouTube would allows to know exactly which areas YouTube pay the most attention to.  And could proved us with useful information on how to improve the different elements of the YouTube site.  Tacking the number of user clicks let us find out which components of the YouTube site users like the most.

Some challenges I think we might encounter would be the fact that since the user knows he is being studied for his/her use of YouTube they might change the way they usually use YouTube.  Another challenge I think we might encounter is since we are planning to implement a “video shuffler” feature to YouTube, we would have to first create this first in order to be able to study how the users would react to having a “video shuffler” on the YouTube site.


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