User Engagement Lab

The user engagement lab could be a great to study users experiencing YouTube. We could track what they first look at when the site opens up and where their eyes tend to focus on or look to when navigating. We could also track click history and see if there are any patterns between users in how they navigate the site.

Tracking eye movement/travel while on YouTube is beneficial in that we can improve the site to force the user to focus on something they might not currently be noticing or looking at, such as key features or subtle advertisements.

Tracking clicks would show us what users tend to go to and what patterns or links exists between features, genres of videos or maybe why a user quit out of a video early.

These things might be difficult if we choose to implement the “video randomizer/shuffler” we have been talking about because users are so used to doing their own thing on YouTube and picking videos they want to watch. They might use it at first because it’s something new but they might not use it long.


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