Typing in “Youtube” in the search bar, I have stumbled upon several different interesting articles.

The first one was a study about youtube videos’ characteristics. Many video aspects such as different lengths and access patterns, their life spans, “ratings, and comments” are well studied in this article. A sentence from article: “Understanding the features of Youtube and similar video sharing is crucial to network traffic engineering and to sustainable development of this new generation of service.”

The second article was basically about: “User –generated online video is dynamic information and communication technology (ICT) that provides a mechanism for interactive expression and democratic discourse.” Youtube it is the system that allows “communication between posters and viewers through texts, videos, comments or ratings.

The last one was more about emotional concepts such as feelings and moods. Youtube, social networking website, considered to be “one of the most basic human needs.” Using Youtube can have good impact on a person such as getting new friends.


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