Social Media

In one of the scholarly articles I found on YouTube was a study on how user generated content is reshaping the way people watch social media.  It study was done on YouTube, and the different life cycle of the videos, and other different patterns each different video had.  Which included how many hits it received in an amount of time.   The study also looked at how some of the videos were not as popular as other due to information filtering effects.   With this study they believe it will help provide crucial information in better understanding user generated content systems. [1]

In another article it presented a “traffic characterization” study of YouTube.  The study was very similar to the first article I read because it observed 25 million transactions within a three-month period between users on YouTube, which included 600,000 video downloads.  They examined different statistics including, usage, video content, popularity, and transfer behaviors, then compared it with other websites that provided media downloads. [2]

In the last article I looked at it talked about sharing videos on YouTube reflects different social relationships among different people.  In the study they directed their study on the youth and describes the different degrees of “publicness” in videos being uploaded on YouTube.  The studies determines that there are two types of participants ones who were publicly private or privately public. [3]





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