Emotional Response to Windows Movie Maker

To understand what kind of emotional response the software program (Windows Movie Maker) would have on people, in general, I first tried to have a research with my roommate, “Alex”. He had a little of experience, almost none with this program, so I asked him to work on this program for a while, like 10-20 minutes. While he was using this software, I didn’t notice any confusion, or shock from his facial expression, or body language. He liked the preview monitor, because he or any person could watch the progresses of their masterpiece at any time. When I showed how to add music to the movie and get rid of the movie sound in the timeline toolbar, his eyes were blazing with fire, and the first thing he did was: Jumping of the chair, and shouting – “That was awesome”. The only minus was when he felt regret realizing that it’s not possible to load lots of information because the program would be overloaded, and may shut down unexpectedly.

Overall, my roommate experienced lots of different emotions, which were laughter, joy, pleasure, surprise, regret and worry. During the process of him using the Windows Movie Maker, his eyes were often filled with excitement and the joy. His facial expression changed many times due to the bunch of video effects and transitions movie maker has. When he finished working on this program, he said to me that he fell in love with this amazing software.


2 Responses to “Emotional Response to Windows Movie Maker”

  1. alikhamt Says:

    Hey,Man! Good post!!!!
    How about your experience of using Movie maker?
    did you create any videos?
    Did you have any problems with uploading them to youtube?


  2. rakhimza Says:

    Sorry to answer late, but anyway I will answer your question- “Yes, I had a great enjoyable experience with Movie Maker.”
    I have created some amusing, and funny videos about my friends,and it was worth it. Try it yourself, make some good funny teasing movies about someone, and show it to him/her, look for their emotional response, you would be surprised.

    Good luck

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