Sociability of South Park Studios

South Park Studios is a website where fans are able to interact with videos and information about the show as well as with other fans. Although a main focus of the site is to play videos of South Park Episodes there is also a very social side of the website that allows fans to talk with one another and interact.
Coordination- The website communicates in both formal and informal ways. For instance, the news feeds provide information to its users in a more formal manor. The news feeds are generated by the website creators. They provide updates, press releases, and other such news about South Park. However, at the bottom of the news feeds users are able to interact and leave their own comments and responses. These responses are generally in an informal context. The news feeds also provide the users with pictures and video that provide as visual aids to the articles.

Conversation- South Park Studios also provides its fans with a blog and chat area. These features generally generate informal conversation. The blog allows fans to create their own topic or discussions in which fans comment and post their own ideas. Users are able to post links to pictures or videos in their comments.

External Cognition- The blog and chat room provide the users with the ability to put their thoughts online for others to read. They are offloading internal information to be stored online for others to read and build upon.

Awareness- Users use awareness most commonly in the blogs and chat rooms. Users identify themselves with usernames and can even represent themselves with south park characters that they have designed to look like themselves. Bloggers realize who’s blogs they are commenting on and who they are interacting with. They understand that they are in a social forum and their comments are posted for others to see. Blogs and chats both show who is speaking with who and who has posted what comments. However, awareness is not only apparent in the blogs and chat rooms. When watching videos users are able to see which videos are most popular and who is watching what.

Overall, although South Park Studios is primarily a site to enjoy South Park episodes it is also an area for fans to interact and communicate with other users.


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