Cognitive Report on


  • The main focus of the page is centered around a video of the newest South Park episode.
  • To the right of the screen there are interactive icons that provide webpage options
  • The screen is not simply made. It is made up of fun and colorful graphics and icons.
  • The main color of the page is black so the colorful icons stand out.


  • The page distributes its focus to what the user is most likely to use- the icons, video, news feeds, and favorite episodes
  • At the top of the screen there is a toolbar. It provides common options that the user may need most.
  • At the left of the toolbar full episodes is highlighted in yellow to make it easier to find and grabs the user’s attention


  • The South Park logo is placed at the top of the screen so users immediately realize they are at the correct site
  • The site is easily laid out and categories are logically placed so that features are easily remembered and found
  • The site generally stays the same so one doesn’t have to relearn the site every time they visit the site


  • The site is very self-explanatory however new users may need some time to learn all of the different features and understand how to navigate the site.
  • After minimal use it is easy to learn and remember the site.
  • The most common features people visit the site for are displayed very clearly on the front page and make it easy to find and learn.
  • Existing users can adapt to new feature that are later added to the site

Suggested features:

  • One feature I would suggest to be on the front page would be a “Random Episode” option. This option used to be available on the front page and was very enjoyable to use, but has since been taken off.

Problem-solving, Decision-making, and Planning:

  • The South Park homepage is a reliable source for its fans to watch old episodes, hear about upcoming episodes, enjoy playing games, reading more about South Park, and much more.

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