Group Document Website


8 Responses to “Group Document Website”

  1. rakhimza Says:

    see the page, but cannot edit it.

  2. dmjaffe Says:

    looks like you’ll have to give each of us access to it to edit it (edit link is at the bottom)

    sign up for a google account then click request access

  3. choran Says:

    same issue.

  4. rakhimza Says:

    could u plz give me a permission, couldn’t find this function “request access”. My mail account:, my username: rakhimza, name: Askar
    add me plz to the members who showed up, i also was there right after class.

  5. dmjaffe Says:

    I gave you permission. Should work now.

  6. zyadda Says:

    I checked it out and can’t think of anything to add. good stuff

  7. dfgiangi Says:

    the blog looks good, thanks dmjaffe for posting the final copy

  8. xizhu Says:

    Hi everyone, your final work looks really good, well done!

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