TIME feature on Onestart

Every company has a different way of keeping track of the hours each employee works. Some use punch cards, some trust their employee’s to record their time at the end of the week on a piece of paper, while others rely on their employee’s to log into a digital system that records their time. Indiana University is one of the employers that uses one of these digital systems. The TIME feature on Onestart is a resource designed to aid student employees at Indiana University. When a student is at their on campus job they log into Onestart and then “Clock in” under the TIME tab. This digitally records their time working until they “Clock-out.”

Metaphors- The main and most obvious metaphor is the idea that this is an electronic time card. Instead of an employee turning in a physical card it is electronically stored. TIME could also be looked at as a calendar. The TIME feature records and lays out all the dates and times one has worked.


  • Clock-in
  • Clock-out
  • Records and keeps track of time worked
  • Displays user’s information

Relationship- When clicking on the TIME feature from Onestart the user is actually prompted with several choices.”My current time sheet,” “Timekeeping Portal,” Timekeeping Support Center,” “Approve Time Sheets,” and “Find Timesheets.” The feature I have focused on was the “My Current Time Sheet” tab. When one clicks this feature it leads you to a page that contains the “Clock-in,” user information, and recordings of previous times. The only new feature that arises is the “clock-out” button. This will appear as soon as you press “clock-in.”

Mapping- The process of clocking in or out is very simple and direct. One logs onto Onestart, finds the TIME feature, clicks on “My Current Time Sheet,” then clocks-in. Once the “clock-in” button has been pressed that is when the “clock-out” appears. In general one feature smoothly leads to the next.

The TIME feature is a great addition to Onestart. It is very simple to use and very straight forward for its user’s. A first time user would be able to easily navigate it’s features and get the same out of the program as someone that has used it before. Compared to how confusing the rest of Onestart is I am very pleased with TIME program.


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