Mixing Music in Audacity

The Metaphors:

One of the main metaphors here is the idea of “mixing” music. It sort of suggests throwing multiple audio files into a “mixing bowl” and combining the ingredients to form one compiled audio file. Other metaphors encountered while mixing music in Audacity are the provided tool set for editing audio selections, the magnifying glass to zoom in or out, the clipboard that identifies with copying and pasting selections, and the microphone and speaker that symbolize input and output audio.

The Concepts:

A variety of concepts must be understood when editing audio files in Audacity. One of these concepts is that music or sound files must either be imported to the program from the user’s computer or recorded within Audacity itself. Another important concept is that multiple audio files can be opened at once within a project. It also must be known that each audio file is made up of wavelengths that can be manipulated using the tool set and effects menu. Other important concepts include the fact that multiple music files can be copied and pasted on top of one another. various tracks can be compiled into one file, and that completed tracks can be exported as either MP3 or WAV files.

Relationships Between Concepts:

One of the main relationships between concepts is that multiple music files must be opened up within a project and eventually compiled to form one audio track. Another apparent relationship can be seen when wavelength selections from one audio file are copied and appended onto another file, while using the toolbar and effects menu to smooth out the transition between tracks.

The Mappings:

The most apparent mapping within this program is the multiple audio wavelenghts (shown in blue) that can be manipulated and combined to form a single “mixed” audio file. Another mapping seen while mixing audio files in Audacity is the play, pause, and stop buttons that allow the user to preview audio tracks and/or listen to individual selections prior to compiling and exported the finished product.

Audacity is an extremely useful program when it comes to mixing music files. This program essentially allows users of all skill levels to mix audio tracks with ease. The tools provided within Audacity are extremely broad in range and allow users to manipulate files in numerous ways.  The effects menu is an essential function of the program as well because it makes alterations in audio tracks as easy as highlighting a selection and clicking  on the desired effect. The best part about Audacity is that it is free and available to anyone on the internet.


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